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Using Multiplication to Solve Word Problems Worksheet Test

Instructions: Read each problem carefully and solve using multiplication. Show all your work.

  1. A basket has 8 oranges. If there are 6 baskets in the store, how many oranges are there in total?

  2. A box contains 12 packs of crayons. If there are 4 boxes, how many packs of crayons are there in total?

  3. A football team has 11 players. If there are 2 teams playing against each other, how many players are there in total?

  4. A store has 15 bags of chips. If each bag contains 25 chips, how many chips are there in total?

  5. A car travels 45 miles per hour. If the car travels for 3 hours, how many miles will it travel in total?

  6. A company has 10 employees. If each employee works 8 hours a day, how many hours will the employees work in total in a week?

  7. A book has 20 pages. If there are 5 chapters in the book, how many pages are there in total for the book?

  8. A pizza has 8 slices. If there are 6 pizzas, how many slices are there in total?

  9. A class has 30 students. If there are 5 classes in the school, how many students are there in total?

  10. A baker has 24 cupcakes. If there are 3 boxes of cupcakes, how many cupcakes are there in total?

  11. A toy store has 50 teddy bears. If each teddy bear costs $10, how much money will it cost to buy all the teddy bears?

  12. A company has 100 chairs. If each chair costs $50, how much money will it cost to buy all the chairs?

  13. A train travels at 60 miles per hour. If the train travels for 5 hours, how far will it travel in total?

  14. A garden has 10 rows of flowers. If each row has 15 flowers, how many flowers are there in total?

  15. A store has 25 boxes of cereal. If each box contains 12 packets of cereal, how many packets of cereal are there in total?

  16. A school has 30 classrooms. If there are 20 students per classroom, how many students are there in total?

  17. A company has 15 trucks. If each truck carries 10 boxes, how many boxes can they carry in total?

  18. A farm has 50 cows. If each cow produces 5 liters of milk per day, how many liters of milk will they produce in total in a week?

  19. A store has 100 toys. If each toy costs $5, how much money will it cost to buy all the toys?

  20. A car can travel 30 miles per gallon. If the car has a 20-gallon tank, how many miles can the car travel in total?


Congratulations! You have successfully completed the “Using Multiplication to Solve Word Problems” worksheet test.