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Multiplying with Word Problems Worksheet Test

Part 1: Single-Digit Multiplication Word Problems

  1. A basket has 6 apples in it. If you buy 4 more baskets, how many apples will you have in total?

  2. There are 5 tables in a room and each table has 4 chairs. How many chairs are there in total?

  3. If a bookshelf has 8 shelves and each shelf has 9 books, how many books are there in total?

  4. A dog can catch 3 balls in a minute. How many balls can it catch in half an hour?

  5. There are 9 jars and each jar has 7 candies in it. How many candies are there in total?

  6. John has 6 boxes and each box has 5 pencils in it. How many pencils does he have in total?

  7. If a pencil costs 8 cents, how much will 5 pencils cost?

  8. A train has 10 carriages and each carriage has 6 seats. How many seats are there in total?

  9. Sam has 9 toy cars and he wants to give 3 to his friend. How many toy cars will he have left?

  10. A pizza has 8 slices. If there are 6 pizzas, how many slices are there in total?

Part 2: Multi-Digit Multiplication Word Problems

  1. A garden has an area of 24 square meters. If the length is 6 meters, what is the width?

  2. A box contains 15 packets, and each packet contains 10 biscuits. How many biscuits are there in total?

  3. A car can travel 80 kilometers with 4 liters of petrol. How far can it travel with 12 liters?

  4. There are 24 children in a class. Each child has 3 pens. How many pens are there in total?

  5. A water tank is 5 meters long, 3 meters wide and 2 meters high. What is the total volume of the tank?

  6. A factory produces 10,000 toys per day. How many toys will it produce in a week?

  7. A train travels 60 kilometers in an hour. How far will it travel in 5 hours?

  8. A farmer has 20 fields, and each field has 30 cows. How many cows does the farmer have in total?

  9. A book has 300 pages, and each page has 25 lines. How many lines are there in total?

  10. A man has 25 coins, and each coin is worth $2. How much money does he have in total?

Part 3: Real-World Multiplication Word Problems

  1. If a pizza costs $8 and there are 6 people sharing it, how much does each person pay?

  2. A company makes 500 bottles of juice per day. If each bottle contains 300 ml of juice, how much juice does the company make per day?

  3. A recipe calls for 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of sugar. If you want to make 6 cups of flour, how much sugar do you need?

  4. A football field is 100 meters long and 50 meters wide. What is the total area of the field in square meters?

  5. A store has 100 shirts, and each shirt costs $20. If the store sells all the shirts, how much money will it make?

  6. A car uses 10 liters of petrol to travel 100 kilometers. How much petrol will it use to travel 500 kilometers?

  7. A train takes 2 hours to travel 120 kilometers. What is the average speed of the train in kilometers per hour?

  8. A company produces 2000 pens per day. If it wants to produce 10,000 pens, how many days will it take?

  9. A school has 600 students and 60 teachers. What is the ratio of students to teachers?

  10. A store has 50 boxes, and each box contains 24 chocolates. How many chocolates are there in total?