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Multiplying with Group Projects Worksheet


Read each question carefully and answer it to the best of your ability. Show your work and use proper mathematical notation where necessary.

Section A: Basic Multiplication

  1. Calculate the product of 7 and 8.
  2. What is the result of multiplying -3 and 6?
  3. Find the product of 0 and 5.
  4. What is the value of (-2) multiplied by (-4)?
  5. Calculate the product of 9 and -2.

Section B: Multiplying with Variables

  1. Simplify the expression 4x * 3y.
  2. Evaluate the expression 5a * 2b for a = 2 and b = 3.
  3. Find the product of (2x + 4) and (3x – 5).
  4. Simplify the expression 2x * 3x.
  5. Evaluate the expression 4a^2 * b^3 for a = 2 and b = 3.

Section C: Group Projects

  1. You and your group members are working on a project that requires you to calculate the total cost of materials for a construction project. If the cost of 1 bag of cement is $10, 1 ton of sand is $50, and 1 ton of gravel is $40, how much will it cost to buy the materials for a project that requires 50 bags of cement, 10 tons of sand, and 20 tons of gravel?
  2. Your group is working on a project to determine the total profit made by a company in a year. If the company had a revenue of $500,000 and expenses of $250,000, what was their net profit for the year?
  3. You and your group members are working on a project that requires you to find the area of a rectangular garden. The length of the garden is 20 feet and the width is 15 feet. What is the total area of the garden?
  4. Your group is working on a project to determine the total number of hours worked by employees at a company in a week. If there are 20 employees and each employee works 8 hours a day for 5 days, how many hours were worked in total?
  5. You and your group members are working on a project to determine the total cost of a vacation. If the cost of airfare is $500 per person, the cost of lodging is $100 per night, and the cost of food is $50 per day, how much will it cost for 4 people to go on vacation for 7 days?

Section D: Word Problems

  1. A store is having a sale where all items are marked down by 20%. If a shirt originally cost $25, how much will it cost during the sale?
  2. A company produces 5000 units of a product every month. If the production cost per unit is $5, what is the total cost of production for the month?
  3. A recipe calls for 1/2 cup of sugar to make 12 cookies. How much sugar is needed to make 36 cookies using the same recipe?
  4. A car travels 120 miles in 2 hours. What is the average speed of the car in miles per hour?
  5. A company has 50 employees. If the ratio of male to female employees is 3:2, how many male employees does the company have?

Section E: Bonus

  1. If a person’s salary is increased by 10%, what is the new salary if the original salary was $50,000?
  2. A rectangular box has a length of 12 inches, a width of 6 inches, and a height of 8 inches. What is the volume of the box?
  3. A group of 5 friends want to share a pizza equally. If the pizza has a diameter of 16 inches, what is the area of each person’s slice of pizza?
  4. A company has a total budget of $10,000 to spend on advertising. If they want to allocate 40% of the budget to television ads, how much money will they have left to spend on other forms of advertising?
  5. A triangle has a base of 10 cm and a height of 6 cm. What is the area of the triangle?