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Instructions: Solve the following word problems using multiplication. Write your answers in the space provided.

  1. A pack of crayons has 8 boxes. Each box has 24 crayons. How many crayons are in the pack of crayons?

  2. A farmer has 3 fields of corn. Each field has 20 rows of corn. If each row has 10 corn plants, how many corn plants does the farmer have in total?

  3. A box of chocolates has 12 rows. Each row has 15 chocolates. How many chocolates are in the box?

  4. A bakery sells 10 loaves of bread each day. If the bakery is open for 5 days, how many loaves of bread does the bakery sell in total?

  5. A car dealership has 15 cars. Each car has 4 wheels. How many wheels are there in total?

  6. A factory produces 25 boxes of toys each day. If each box has 12 toys, how many toys does the factory produce in total each day?

  7. A library has 8 shelves. Each shelf has 30 books. How many books are in the library?

  8. A grocery store sells 5 bags of apples each day. If each bag has 10 apples, how many apples does the store sell in total each day?

  9. A pizza shop makes 20 pizzas each day. If each pizza has 8 slices, how many slices of pizza does the shop make in total each day?

  10. A classroom has 25 students. Each student has 2 pencils. How many pencils are in the classroom?

  11. A shipping company has 6 trucks. Each truck can carry 30 boxes. How many boxes can the company transport in total?

  12. A candy store has 15 jars of candy. Each jar has 50 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy are there in the store?

  13. A group of friends want to buy 4 pizzas. Each pizza costs $10. How much will the friends need to pay in total?

  14. A toy store has 12 shelves. Each shelf has 20 toys. How many toys are in the store?

  15. A restaurant has 10 tables. Each table has 4 chairs. How many chairs are in the restaurant?

  16. A school has 5 classes. Each class has 20 students. How many students are in the school?

  17. A zoo has 4 lions. Each lion needs 10 pounds of meat per day. How many pounds of meat do the lions need in total each day?

  18. A swimming pool has 8 lanes. If each lane is 25 meters long, how long is the pool in total?

  19. A store has 15 boxes of cookies. Each box has 12 cookies. How many cookies are in the store?

  20. A music store sells 5 guitars each day. If each guitar costs $200, how much money does the store make in total each day?

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