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Multiplication Word Problems Worksheet

Instructions: Solve the following multiplication word problems.

  1. John has 6 boxes, each box contains 8 pencils. How many pencils does John have in total?

  2. A bakery sells 5 cakes per day. How many cakes does the bakery sell in a week?

  3. If a pencil costs 10 cents, how much do 8 pencils cost?

  4. If a car travels 60 miles per hour and drives for 3 hours, how many miles did the car travel?

  5. A classroom has 25 students and each student has 3 pencils. How many pencils are there in total?

  6. A store sells 4 bottles of milk every hour. How many bottles of milk does the store sell in 5 hours?

  7. A farmer has 10 cows and each cow has 4 legs. How many legs do the cows have in total?

  8. If a book has 250 pages and each page has 50 words, how many words are in the book?

  9. A factory produces 1000 toys per day. How many toys does the factory produce in a week?

  10. A pizza has 8 slices. If a family of 4 people eats 2 pizzas, how many pizza slices will each person get?

  11. A company has 20 employees and each employee works 8 hours per day. How many hours do all employees work in total?

  12. If a train travels 50 miles per hour and travels for 5 hours, how many miles did the train travel?

  13. A store sells 3 shirts for $20. How much will 5 shirts cost?

  14. A school has 30 classrooms and each classroom has 20 students. How many students are in the school?

  15. If a garden has 12 rows of flowers and each row has 6 flowers, how many flowers are in the garden?

  16. A company produces 5,000 units per day. How many units does the company produce in a month?

  17. If a person runs 5 miles in 30 minutes, how many miles will the person run in 1 hour?

  18. A movie theater has 150 seats and each seat costs $10. How much money will the theater earn if all seats are sold out?

  19. A store sells 2 boxes of candy for $5. How much will 3 boxes of candy cost?

  20. If a person eats 3 cookies per day, how many cookies will the person eat in a month (30 days)?