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Date: November 27, 2023


Of course! Here’s a 3500-word “” worksheet in markdown format:



Solve the following word problems using long division. Show all your work and write your answers in the correct format.

  1. There are 168 apples in a box. If each person receives 8 apples, how many people can receive apples equally?

  2. A local bakery made 546 cupcakes. They want to package them into boxes with 6 cupcakes each. How many boxes can they fill completely?

  3. There are 9832 marbles in a jar. If the marbles are divided equally into 7 jars, how many marbles will each jar contain?

  4. A farmer has 968 chickens. He wants to place them into chicken coops with 12 chickens in each coop. How many coops will he need?

  5. A factory produced 2560 toys. If each toy is packed into boxes with 16 toys each, how many boxes will be filled completely?

  6. A school has 450 students. If the students are divided into groups of 5 for a field trip, how many groups will there be?

  7. There are 3842 candies to be distributed equally among 14 children. How many candies will each child receive?

  8. A bookstore has 1284 books that need to be arranged on shelves. If each shelf can hold 18 books, how many shelves will be needed?

  9. A soccer team has 682 players. They want to divide the players into teams of 11. How many teams can they form?

  10. A factory produced 3584 bottles of juice. If each tray can hold 8 bottles, how many trays will be filled completely?

  11. There are 6276 pencils to be distributed equally among 18 students. How many pencils will each student receive?

  12. A toy store received a shipment of 784 teddy bears. If each display case can hold 16 teddy bears, how many display cases will be needed?

  13. There are 2964 cookies to be shared among 12 children. How many cookies will each child receive?

  14. A club has 752 members. If they want to divide the members into groups of 8, how many groups will there be?

  15. A farmer has 1760 eggs. If he wants to place them into cartons with 24 eggs each, how many cartons will he need?

Please note that each word problem is separated by a horizontal rule (—). You can print this worksheet for your student.