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Write the fractional part of the group for each question. Reduce the fraction to lowest terms where applicable.

Question Fractional Part
1. If there are 5 red marbles and 10 green marbles in a bag, what fraction of the marbles are green?
2. In a class of 30 students, 18 are girls. What fraction of the class are boys?
3. A pizza has been divided into 8 slices. If 3 slices have been eaten, what fraction of the pizza remains?
4. A group of 20 people went to the movies. If 3 people left before the movie ended, what fraction of the group stayed until the end?
5. There are 15 pencils in a box. If 1/3 of the pencils are red, how many red pencils are in the box?
6. A bag of candy contains 24 pieces. If 3/4 of the candy is eaten, how many pieces are left?
7. There are 12 donuts in a box. If 1/6 of the donuts are chocolate, how many chocolate donuts are in the box?
8. A recipe calls for 3/4 cup of sugar. If the recipe is doubled, how many cups of sugar are needed?
9. A group of 25 people went to the park. If 1/5 of the group brought a picnic basket, how many people brought a picnic basket?
10. A school has 500 students. If 2/5 of the students ride the bus to school, how many students ride the bus?
11. A recipe calls for 2/3 cup of milk. If the recipe is tripled, how many cups of milk are needed?
12. There are 20 books on a shelf. If 3/5 of the books are fiction, how many books are fiction?
13. A group of 35 people went to the zoo. If 1/7 of the group bought a souvenir, how many people bought a souvenir?
14. A pizza has been divided into 6 slices. If 2 slices have been eaten, what fraction of the pizza remains?
15. A bag contains 40 marbles. If 1/4 of the marbles are blue, how many marbles are blue?
16. A recipe calls for 1/2 cup of flour. If the recipe is quadrupled, how many cups of flour are needed?
17. A group of 50 people went to the beach. If 3/10 of the group went swimming, how many people went swimming?
18. There are 30 cupcakes in a box. If 1/3 of the cupcakes are vanilla, how many cupcakes are vanilla?
19. There are 24 crayons in a box. If 2/3 of the crayons are blue, how many crayons are blue?
20. A recipe calls for 3/8 teaspoon of salt. If the recipe is doubled, how many teaspoons of salt are needed?

End of Test.