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Date: October 30, 2022

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Maths Games and Activities For Kids in Year 4

Maths Games and Activities for Kids in Year 4

Sum Swamp

Sum Swamp is a fun and award-winning maths game that helps kids develop addition and subtraction skills and reinforces number sentences. It is a great way to engage kids in math learning and can be played by the entire family. The game involves rolling dice to generate equations and moving ahead by completing them. This game is suitable for kids aged five and up.

Sum Swamp can be played by two to four players, and is an excellent addition and subtraction game. To play, you will need to solve addition and subtraction problems to move your swamp critter through the board without running into crocodiles. The game board measures 72cm L x 24cm W and comes with a multilingual Directions for Game Play guide.

Sum Swamp is an exciting addition and subtraction game suitable for kids aged five and up. It’s a great way to engage young children with math while keeping to a budget. The game comes with six games – 6x the fun! A unicorn lover in the family will love Unicorn Sparkle Sums! The game is fun and easy to learn.

The game focuses on math fact fluency and problem-solving skills. It’s also designed to build memory skills. The bright and colorful illustrations help children learn basic addition and subtraction. The game is suitable for two to four players. You can even use a dice with dots to count.

Prime Climb

Prime Climb is a game that encourages students to think about prime numbers. The game has colouring schemes corresponding to prime factors, so players can quickly analyze and check their answers. It also promotes number sense by encouraging choice. The game is simple enough that kids of all abilities will enjoy playing it.

Prime Climb is a great board game for kids in Year 4 to learn about prime numbers. It can be played with two or four players and boosts kids’ mental maths skills. Players can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to climb the center of the board. The game also has a chance element, so kids can try their hand at winning the game by knocking their opponents back to start.

Jumping game

Jumping is a fun activity for children that helps them learn about number and the relation between written numerals and quantity. This game is best played with multiple players. Children can jump up and down the number path, or they can be tokens and jump from one numbered space to the next. This activity can also be used to teach time and multiplication facts.

This simple math game requires no special equipment and is quick and easy to play. Students can divide into two teams or a number of small groups. The objective is to get as close to 101 as possible. Once they’ve reached this number, they can multiply it by 10 or leave it alone. For example, they can add six to fifty to get 56.

Jumping games can be themed after math flash cards or animals. Children can race to jump to the correct square before the other player gets there. They must also keep both of their feet inside of the lines. If the children are older, they can play this activity with a board and a dice.

Jumping is an excellent activity for developing math skills. It helps children learn how to understand the relationship between consecutive whole numbers. It also allows them to practice number operations. In addition, this activity is fun for children of all ages and can be used to supplement math lessons in school.

Jumping on the Lily Pads helps children develop a mental number line. Players roll a number cube and jump from one lily pad to the next. Jumping on the Lily Pads helps build fluency with numbers, which is vital for children in the early years. Another great activity is Two Numbers, which helps children to recognise written numerals and place them in the correct order. It also helps to develop basic addition skills.

Games can help children engage in math by providing opportunities for critical thinking, practice of math skills and increasing confidence. These games can be adapted to a range of age groups, which is great for kids who struggle with math.


Dive Maths Games and Activities for Kids In Year 4 can help young learners learn how to identify numbers in an exciting and fun way. Whether it’s an underwater exploration or a treasure hunt, kids will have a lot of fun while they learn about different number properties. This game also encourages children to plot numbers and visualize quantities on a number line.